Customer Relationship Management

Never lose contact info

Use phone, computer, and tablet to build everlasting relationships

Marketing Automation

  • Targeted Marketing keeps prospects interested
  • Automatic Downline Training
  • User our Email & Videos are Create your Own

Both included in Subscription

CRM Software made for Direct Selling Professionals

  • Accelerate your business with smarter relationships
  • Engage with Contacts
  • Watch them Grow

CRM = Customer Relationship Management

Sorry – had to get that out of the way

  • Get Prospects to the Next Step
  • Instant Newsletter – just turn the system on
  • Easiest system to achieve Duplication
  • Know when Prospects are ready to join!

Marketing & Training
Watch everyone Grow!

Use the tool every Network Marketing Professionals loves

As you build your business, you come into contact with dozens, hundreds, likely thousands of people.

A CRM system helps you keep track of prospective distributors, customers, and those in your downline.  With contact information and reminders of important dates and details.  Countermyth help you deepen your relationships by reminding you to be in touch at the right time.

As the owner of a network marketing business, your main responsibilities are keeping in touch with prospects and keeping your downline progressing. And while you’re vital to these interactions, automating some of the message not only saves you time, it helps you plug into a system that is tested for results. With Countermyth’s Marketing Automation, your prospective distributors will receive:
  • Automated Email Tested to Drive Signups
  • Content create by Countermyth – you just turn it on
  • A tracking system for message effectiveness
Additioanlly, your downline will grow with
  • Automated Training
  • Engagement Tracking
Marekting automation is the key to seeing which prospects are engaged and excited. You take the realtionship from there.