Opportunity fits perfectly with your Networking Marketing Activities

Recurring MONTHLY Commissions that are easy to earn:

  • 25% from those signing up on a simple link
  • 10% next level
  • 5% Level 3
  • 3% Level 4
  • 1% Level 5

Who needs help managing a MLM Business?

  • Distributors at other Companies
  • Orphaned Distributors in your Company -> They are screaming for help &  leadership!
  • Aspiring leaders in your downline

You should do business with all these people!

Share Articles & Videos to help them grow.

We will take care of signing them up when they are ready

Countermyth isn’t meant to be the main oppotunity you pursue, but gives you the chance to help more people & earn a few more commissions.

How it Works

Other Company Distributors

As you meet them:

  • Share Articles that help them grow
  • Let them know how Countermyth helps you
  • We’ll keep in touch with them and pay a commission when they’re ready

Your Downline

As they become distributors:

  • Share training with Countermyth training automation
  • Teach Marketing Automation when they are Ready
  • Encourage signup when they are ready

Others in Organization

  • As they become distributors:Share training as beneficial
  • As they learn from Countermyth, we’ll guide them to appropriate tools
  • You’ll earn you commssions once they signup

We’re careful with this group. It’s usually not a problem to share articles & resources.

  • Help others be more professional

  • Earn additional income doing what you’re doing

  • Help everyone strategically achieve their goals