An Opportunity that fits Perfectly with you Network Marketing Activities

Everyday you’re meeting people. Some choose to follow you. Some are already involved at your company, and some are pursuing other Network Marketing Opportunities. You should do business with all these

You should do business with all these people!

With Countermyth you can! Most MLM companies are only concerned with other direct selling.  Since is an affiliate opportunity.  You can let those at other companies and your own know about this service you love that is helping you grow.

Commissions for each those that signup:

  • 25% from those who signup from you link
  • 10% next level
  • 5% Level 3
  • 3% Level 4
  • 1% Level 5

Earn Commissions on those who signup for Countermyth using your affiliate links

Countermyth isn’t meant to be the main oppotunity you pursue, but gives you the chance to help even more and earn a few more commissions.